SUDBURY -- There was a peaceful rally Wednesday outside of an unsanctioned shelter for the homeless in Sudbury that has been ordered by the city to close due to fire safety concerns.

The city asked the shelter to lock the doors today, but that didn't happen. Hope for Sudbury is still trying to find a solution to keep operating the shelter in the former Mine Mill Hall on Regent Street.

"I'd like to see the city give this place at least 60 more days to stay open so that nobody ends up on the streets in the middle of winter," said Darren Ransom, the rally organizer.

Supporters held signs along Regent Street, and many drivers honked in support. One supporter said an alternative site needs to be set up before the existing one closes.

'People that live with anxiety every day'

"So that they don't cause anxiety (to) people that live with anxiety every day of where they are gonna' get their meal, where they are gonna' sit," said John Leone, a rally supporter.

Stanley Beaudry is staying at the shelter and is worried about living back out on the streets.

"I hope it doesn't get locked down," Beaudry said. "I am really crossing my fingers 'cause I can't take this weather outside no more. I am freezing almost every night. I get kicked out of the banks, or I get kicked out of sleeping on somebody's porch, stuff like that and it's dangerous walking around streets late at night, too."

Connor Patterson is also staying at the shelter and said living on the streets is tough, even though there are city-run shelters and warming centres.

"It's hard to get a place sometimes," Patterson said. "These other shelters are full and it's hard to get in them. And if you don't get in them you are actually stuck outside and find a cubbyhole wherever you can to stay warm -- and grab as many blankets as you can and find yourself a spot."

Hope for Sudbury's latest pitch to the city is to move its services at the former Mine Mill Hall to Sudbury Arena downtown.