There was plenty of noise and speed in Elliot Lake this past weekend. 

The 2017 HiRail Leasing North Shore Challenge Drag Race drew fans and racers from across the province, and city officials say it provides a health financial injection for the local economy.

For Bruno Serre and Denis Labbee, it's a family affair, with both grandfather and grandson racing in the event.

"I've been tagging along with my grandparents for 18 to 20 years, so it was bound to happen," said Labbee.

"I like the adrenaline and going fast. It's fun and it's a lot more complicated than just hitting the pedal and going."

"A couple years ago he decided he wanted a car, so we helped him buy a car and the rest is history. He's hooked for life," explained Serre.

The car he decided on was a nostalgic choice; a 1932 Bantam Roadster.

"When I'm in the lanes, everybody stops and tells me how much they love my car and that just brings a smile to my face," Labbee said.

More than 300 from across the province came to Elliot Lake for the weekend event; good news for the city's economy.

Officials say this year Elliot Lake is doing a study to find out how much of an economic impact these drag races have on the community

"We know it's in the hundreds of thousands dollars," said William Elliott, race coordinator

"We'll just now be able to find out exactly what that number is."

Elliott said this is one of the city's major fundraisers, with money raised going to various organizations throughout the community.