SUDBURY -- Members of the Sudbury Kart Club are gearing up to hit the tracks after a late start to the race season due to COVID-19.

“Everybody is anxious to get back on the track,” said Philip Taus, President of the Sudbury Kart Club.

“Practice has been cut back, usually we are on the track starting in May, practicing twice a week. We’ve only been able to start this year pretty well July so it’s a very short season. We are only going to have four races this season, normally we have eight or nine races.”

Drivers say after almost a year without racing, they are happy to be back on the track.

“I’ve been racing for fourteen years now, and now that we’re racing it’s good to be back. We have a four race season, it’s cut in half and everyone’s anxious to get out,” said Neil Runciman, Sudbury Kart Club Racer.

“It feels really good to be back, I was really bored during all quarantine and stuff so it feels nice to see everybody out here and enjoying themselves,” said Taylor Shell, Sudbury Kart Club Racer.

One of the younger drivers says he’s happy with the way he raced.

“Today I got 2nd place so far, it feels really good on the track. It’s fast, and kind of scary. You get nervous at the start but all in all it’s pretty fun,” said Cole Preston, Sudbury Kart Club Racer.

The Sudbury Kart Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and those involved say it’s a sport many don’t know about.

“They say karting is motorsports best kept secret. Here in Sudbury as well obviously, a lot of people tell us they don’t know about it,” said Taus.

“We’ve had three Canadian junior champions come out of here and we started 25 years ago with a core of people, some of who are still with us today.”

The next race will be taking place on Aug. 16.