SUDBURY -- The COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues across Ontario, but health officials in Sudbury still have no timeline for when the vaccine will be arriving.

Public Health Sudbury & Districts said right now it’s unclear when the vaccine will arrive in the city but want people to know that the health authority is ready.

"We know that the vaccine is being distributed according to priority at this point and we have been really great locally at trying to keep our case count low so some of the priority populations are of course in southern Ontario right now," said Nastassia McNair, Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and COVID Prevention Division with Public Health Sudbury & Districts. "We will be getting vaccine locally, it’s just a matter of when and we will be ready to get it to as many as we possibly can when we do get it."

McNair said public health is continuing to work with community members as part of this rollout. 

"At this point, we are currently working with Health Sciences North, who we know have been identified (for) the Pfizer vaccine. We are also working with some of our long-term care partners to help identify some of our priority health care workers and staff or essential caregivers who might qualify for the early round of the phase one vaccination and of course other stakeholders as needed," McNair said. 

Some Sudbury residents told CTV News they are anxious for the vaccine to arrive. 

"I’m very concerned. I’m seeing the nursing homes getting it, assisted living getting it. Families are being separated, when they need to be together. I am concerned about people not being able to be with their families when they are the hospital," said one resident.

"Around the world, people are taking it or not taking it depending on their country’s timeline and we’re learning a lot about it. I’m assuming that by the time it’s administered here we will have a better idea of what to expect," another said.

"I think in due time it will get here. I know it’s in Toronto where it’s really the hot spot, so I’m glad they are getting it but we will get it. I trust the government to do that," said a third resident.

The health unit says it’s working on planning for different distribution methods. 

"Phase one being for those higher-risk populations, phase two being mass community clinics, and phase three being a steady-state," McNair said. "So, those are some factors we’re considering. Also, looking to see how distribution might work with our rural communities."

Health officials said they will continue to keep the public up-to-date as to when the vaccine will be arriving.