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Ontario Provincial Election 2022 - June 2


CANDIDATES and PARTIES for the ridings in northeastern Ontario:


Algoma - Manitoulin

Cheryl Fort, PC Party of Ontario

Ron Koski, New Blue

Maria Legault, Green Party of Ontario

Michael Mantha, Ontario NDP

Tim Vine, Ontario Liberal Party


Mushkegowuk – James Bay 

Guy Bourgouin, Ontario NDP

Mike Buckley,  New Blue

Eric Côté, PC Party of Ontario

Matthew Pronovost, Ontario Liberal Party

Fauzia Sadiq,  Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party


Nickel Belt 

Glenys Babcock, Green Party of Ontario

France Gélinas, Ontario NDP

Randy Hazlett, PC Party of Ontario

Gilles Proulx, Ontario Liberal Party

Melanie Savoie, New Blue

Willy Schneider, Ontario Party



Vic Fedeli, PC Party of Ontario

Joe Jobin,  Ontario Party

Michelle Lashbrook, Libertarian

Erika Lougheed, Ontario NDP

Sean McClocklin, Green Party of Ontario

Taylor Russell, New Blue

Giacomo Vezina,  None of the Above Direct Democracy Party

Tanya Vrebosch, Ontario Liberal Party


Parry Sound – Muskoka 

Andrew John Cocks, Ontario Party

Erin Horvath, Ontario NDP

Doug Maynard, New Blue

Matt Richter, Green Party of Ontario

Graydon Smith, PC Party of Ontario

Barry Stanley, Ontario Liberal Party

Brad Waddell, Populist Ontario


Sault Ste. Marie 

Keagan Gilfillan, Green Party of Ontario

Michele McCleave-Kennedy, Ontario NDP

Shane Pankhurst, New Blue

Ross Romano, PC Party of Ontario

Naomi Sayers, Independent



Adrien Bertier, Libertarian

Marc Despatie, PC Party of Ontario

David Farrow, Ontario Liberal Party

Jason Laface, Ontario Party

Sheldon Pressey, New Blue

David Robinson, Green Party of Ontario

Jamie West, Ontario NDP


Timiskaming – Cochrane 

Garry Andrade, New Blue

Eric Cummings, Libertarian

Bill Foy, PC Party of Ontario

Kris Rivard, Green Party of Ontario

John Vanthof, Ontario NDP

Jeff Wilkinson, None of the Above Direct Democracy Party



Gilles Bisson, Ontario NDP

David Farrell, New Blue

Elizabeth Lockhard, Green Party of Ontario

George Pirie, PC Party of Ontario

Nadia Sadiq, Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party


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