Ontario's finance minister wants Ottawa to change the  rules to legalize *single event* sports betting.


Vic Fedeli says he wants people to be able to bet on *single events* like the Super Bowl or the Grey Cup...on a single Leafs game. And,  he says, it'll help Ontario's revenues.


In Ontario,  sports betting currently involves a minimum of three games and you have to get all games right to win.


That means you cannot legally bet on single games like the Grey Cup or the Super Bowl.


"Our government wants the people to legally bet on single sporting events like single sporting events .....like a Leafs game," said Nipissing MPP, Vic Fedeli.


Fedeli says several American states are now allowing it, and a number of major leagues like the CFL, NFL,NHL,MLS  support the idea.


"This is really important to offer choice for the people of Ontario especially now that several states have done this…. It should generate revenues for the province and it's legalizing something and it's a choice for families," said Fedeli.

A group called "the responsible gambling council, "  says if single event sports betting is allowed- it hopes increased harm policies will also be put in place.

"The legalization of single event sports betting raises concerns including continuous play, speed of play and access. Possible risks of single event sports betting include underage betting and betting while intoxicated," the group said in a statement

Fedeli says the current system allows bets to be placed online and at local convenience stores. He says the changes he envisions in the law wouldn’t affect where and how the bets are placed.