Some new provincial funding is on the way for Health Sciences North in Sudbury.

Sudbury MPP Glenn Thibeault rolled out $5.8 million on Friday. Thibeault said the money will provide faster access to health care, expand crucial services and improve the experience of patients

“Part of the dollars we announced is helping them with their operating budget, so that they can actually use that to deal with some of the overcapacity issues,” said Thibeault.

“They can also use this money to help them meet the standards when it comes to cataract surgery, knee replacement, hip replacements, and also meeting needs of the emergency room and we heard some of those hard stories to hear about long wait times, or people waiting in the hallway, this money will help them needs those needs as well.”

Meanwhile, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union told CTV the spending outlined by the province in last week's budget isn’t going to be enough.

Union leader Warren ‘Smokey’ Thomas was in Sudbury on Friday to talk to reporters about what he sees as shortfalls in the recent provincial budget.  

From health care to hydro, Thomas calls it a ‘re-election budget’.

Thomas said instead of making Ontario proud of public services, the Liberals are cutting, diminishing and privatizing them.

“Over 10 years of relentless cutting of budgets, freezing of budgets to hospitals, privatization of services to private sector, and with an election coming they realize they are in trouble, saying ‘we are gonna reinvest we are gonna fix the system’. Well, the people of Ontario, I hope they can remember who actually ruined the system, the Liberals.”