SUDBURY -- A Sudbury woman has been putting smiles on the faces of some of the city's youngest kids with performances in their driveway. 

Kassie Taylor has been dressing up as a princess for birthdays and other special occasions, something she started during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, her daughter wasn't doing so well with the quarantine that we're having right now. She said she was having nightmares about the germs. She's having nightmares, she's only four-years-old," said Taylor. "I figured because she loves a specific movie, I could dress up and cheer her up a little bit." 

A video taken of Taylor's performance was shared on social media and then the post-secondary student's phone started ringing a lot. 

She's now performing 6-10 times a day. Parents have been reaching out asking her to repeat that magic for their son or daughter. 

"I've learned that a lot of people have kids that are sad right now due to the quarantine, so I'm just visiting them to cheer them up," said Taylor. 

A performer by nature, she's overwhelmed by the reception she's been getting online. Parents have been paying a fee to cover any costs associated with the appearance. 

"I love singing. I'm a performer through and through and these are songs that I've already been singing and I just really enjoy them, and getting the opportunity to do this every single day while making people happy is the whole reason I'm doing it," said Taylor. 

CTV News was on hand for "Queen Elsa's" appearance for Wasey Bluff's sixth birthday. 

Bluff looked hesitant at first but was singing along with Taylor by the end. 

"I like singing all day," Bluff said. 

"I thought it was amazing. I think it's a really good thing that she's doing for the young ones during this isolation period and it brought me to tears," said Sherilee Jerome-Smith, Bluff's mother. 

Taylor had just started singing as something to do to pass the time during the pandemic, but the communications student is considering continuing it once the period of physical-isolation is over. 

"I had very few intentions that this was going to go the way that it did, but yeah, it did," said Taylor.