Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Sudbury, Ont., on Friday to speak about the recently signed health care agreement between the federal government and the province.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks in Sudbury live-streamed the event beginning at 11:30 a.m. The recording will be posted above soon.

Trudeau was joined by MPs Viviane Lapointe and Marc Serre at Health Sciences North hospital for the media event.

He said Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) University will be announcing 30 more undergraduate spots as well as additional post-graduate spots.

Cancer screening for remote and northern communities is being increased with more mobile units across the north, he said.

A huge cornerstone of the provincial health care agreements is the collection of better and more rigorous data so that Canadians know where their tax dollars are going and that they are getting the best possible care.

Trudeau said with the additional money, the federal government expects public health care to be reinforced and strengthened saying respect for the Canada Health Act is "tantamount."

Previously, Ottawa has pulled back money from provinces that have not upheld that caveat.

The media scrum ended shortly before noon after the Prime Minister fielded questions from several different news outlets.

PM Justin Trudeau speaks at Health Sciences North

Trudeau is also scheduled to meet with a local community group at 2:10 p.m.

Last month, Ontario Premier Doug Ford signed a $3.1-billion health-care deal with the federal government to increase access to primary care and reduce wait times.

More details to follow as information becomes available.