The countdown to legal cannabis continues and at least one local business in northern Ontario has big plans to expand, if given the opportunity.

As Canada gets ready to roll out new cannabis legislation, Brianna Humphrey of Radical Gardens is baking pot leaf shaped cookies at her restaurant to celebrate.

Humphrey is also a farmer and the legalization of recreational marijuana is something she's been patiently anticipating with plans in mind.

"It's something we've been kind of tinkering with for the last couple of years, waiting to see how this really rolled out, as there isn't any direct legislation that tells us what to do as of yet. But growing it or selling it or a combination of both, has kind of been in our entire plan since the inception of Radical Gardens in 2012." said Humphrey.

While it'll be legal to smoke a joint on Wednesday, growing or selling pot will have to follow Health Canada's strict rules.

Officials with the Timmins Economic Development Corporation say they’re working with two clients right now who are looking to build large scale production facilities in Timmins.

It suggests businesses get up to speed on the regulatory framework.

Antoine Vézina is a community development consultant for TEDC.

"You're not guaranteed your license until the facility is actually completed and up and running and that there are trials done on the actual product.  So there are a lot of uncertainties right until the very end of the licensing process so obviously that poses some risks to the applicant and to us as well trying to advise these individuals." said Vézina.

He says what works in Timmins' favour is that land is cheaper there than in southern Ontario, and it allows for more seclusion and security, which he says are key government requirements for production facilities.  

So, while many areready to celebrate on Wednesday, not everyone is invited to the party just yet.