Preparations are underway for the 102nd International Plowing Match.

For the second time in the history of the event, it’s being held in northern Ontario. This time in Verner, where 1,000 acres of farmland will be transformed into a tent city for vendors and entertainment, including a rodeo.

A 1,000 site RV park is also being set up.

200 competitors are taking part in the plowing match.

"Plowing is the preparation of land. You plow in the fall and plant in the spring. It’s preparation of the land to accept seed that will be growing, either canola, oats or soya beans." said Dan Olivier, International Plowing Match vice chair.

Organizers say the IPM is a century-old event steeped in history and tradition. Hosting it in northern Ontario will help highlight agricultural opportunities in the region.

"The future of farming is northern Ontario. There is plenty of beautiful agricultural land available to people in northern Ontario, and we know that they will continue to move up here and farm this wonderful turf." said Neil fox, International Plowing Match chairman.

The event runs from September 17 - 21 and is expected to attract over 85,000 people.