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Popular Mining Expo underway in Timmins

The 30th annual Canadian Mining Expo is underway in Timmins.

It's an event that attracts hundreds of people to see and learn what is new in the mining industry -- an industry that built the north and continues to thrive. It's happening at the McIntyre Community Centre today and Thursday.

Opening ceremonies officially launched the event at 11 a.m. with dignitaries such as Timmins Mayor Michelle Boileau, who also competed in the jackleg drill competition.

“I’ve never done this before -- it’s my first time. I’m told I’ll do fine," said Boileau

Ontario's Minister of Mines George Pirie came to see some electric vehicles, but was out of luck.

"There was a beautiful machine last year that I looked at," Pirie said.

"I looked at particularly the innovative way that they were changing the batteries. And look, they’ve got their diesel machines shown because they can’t keep the electric vehicles on the shelf. To me, that’s music to my ears.”

Although this event is hosted in Timmins, it also caters to mining communities in the area, including Kirkland Lake.

“Historically to date, it’s 23 million ounces of gold that came out of the Kirkland Lake Gold Camp," said Kirkland Lake Mayor Stacy Wight.

Organizers said the expo has more than 400 booths featuring the latest in technology and demonstrations. One trend they're noticing is how companies are looking after employees.

“I think the more people that look at the industry, the more they see how the industry cares," said Glenn Dredhart, president of the Canadian Mining Expo.

“And not just cares about the environment, because that’s the old days … but now even caring about even their staff and their people.”

More than 20 guest speakers, many of them leaders of local mines, will be participating in a forum on Thursday from 10 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

“Projects in the pipeline -- so what the next five years of mining will look like in the area,” said Boileau.

“I’m really looking forward to sitting on that and really getting a better sense of what we can expect and what we have to look forward to.”

And, there are more than 60 companies on the premises -- inside and outside -- accepting resumes from job seekers. 

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