SUDBURY -- There was a peaceful gathering at the corner of Lasalle and Notre Dame Avenue in Sudbury early Saturday. Many motorists honked for those attending a pop-up rally in support of the Steelworkers 6500 while they are on strike.

On day 12 of the labour dispute, family, and friends of the strikers set out to the streets to signify support for the fight for future generations.

One of the big issues for 2400 striking Vale workers is no benefits for new hires after retirement. Organizers said the main message of the group is: ‘We stand by you as you fight for them.’

"They are fighting to keep the retirees benefits and they are fighting to keep what they have. What other people have fought for them," said Tammy Lanktree, a supporter of USW Local 6500.

"So it wouldn't be right to accept a collective agreement that goes against everything that other people have fought for."

The group said it wants to show Brothers and Sisters of Local 6500 they are not alone in this fight.

"I think it's important that our children grow up with good jobs in our community and it is a Sudbury community job and it is a good job. It has benefits, it has pension, and it's generations," said Lanktree.

The group plans to hold other pop-up rallies at various intersection in Sudbury as the strike continues.