More than a dozen people face numerous charges following an investigation into drug trafficking in northeastern Ontario.

The investigation, called ‘Project Stinton’, was conducted over a six month period, with a number of police agencies working together, including Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Ontario Provincial Police.

In the OPP sweep, which involved six months of multi-jurisdictional investigation, 15 people from Sudbury, Elliot Lake and Sturgeon Falls have been charged with over 75 drug and weapons related offences.

It was led by the Sudbury OPP detachment.

In a media release issued on Monday, the OPP said search warrants were executed on June 15 and officers seized the following:

  • 182 grams of cocaine;
  • 66 grams of crack cocaine;
  • 7,000 methamphetamine tablets;
  • 700 grams of marijuana ;
  • 30 grams of "shatter" -- a concentrated marijuana derivative;
  • $25,475.00 Canadian currency;
  • Ten non-restricted firearms;
  • Two Conducted Energy Weapons (i.e. Tasers - Prohibited weapons) - and five additional prohibited weapons;
  • Two vehicles as offence-related property; and,
  • Evidence linking members to the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club, and other offence-related property

"The gangs are an issue," said Constable Andre Taschereau, OPP.

"They are moving out of the central locations and they are moving into some of the smaller areas like Sudbury.”

In addition, evidence was seized relating to illegal alcohol sales at an afterhours bar in Sudbury. 

According to the OPP, it was operated by members of the Hell's Angels

"This project was developed to investigate Hells Angels members and their affiliates," Taschereau said.

Taschereau added this is linked to 'Project Kronic', led by the Toronto Metro Police.

It cracked down on the gang known as 'the Driftwood Crips'.

Greater Sudbury Police were part of that project, as well.

“Our members were involved from the get go, leading right up to the arrests on Thursday,” said Inspector Dan Despatie, Greater Sudbury Police Service.

All but one of the 15 people has been released.

They are expected to appear in court in Sudbury, Sturgeon Falls, Elliot Lake and North Bay over the next six weeks.

Charged Person, Age, and Place of Residence:

Chad McDonald (32) –  Sudbury
Ronald Laforest (46) –  Sudbury
Race Baker (29) –  Sudbury
Stephen Fazekas (55) –  Sudbury
Joseph Newton (57) – Elliot Lake
Crystal Grant (25) – Elliot Lake
Christiane Denis (32) – Elliot Lake
Eric Cardinal (29) – Elliot Lake
Michael Dubois (28) – Elliot Lake
Amanda Young (24) – Elliot Lake
Anthony McBurney (28) – Elliot Lake
Justin Glynn (27) – Sturgeon Falls –   Remains in Custody
Kyle Donoghue (25) –  Sudbury
Roch Mercier (31) – Sturgeon Falls
Melanie Poisson (23) – Sturgeon Falls