SUDBURY -- Two men from Lively who went missing Tuesday evening while hiking in Killarney Provincial Park have been found in good health.

In a news release, the Nipissing West (Sudbury) Ontario Provincial Police said the OPP's emergency response team and canine unit were deployed to search for the men, who were found at 12:45 a.m. Wednesday.

"With the assistance of park rangers from Ontario Parks, they located both hikers, aged 28 and 30," the release said.

"We all enjoy the great outdoors, but the simplest of trips can turn deadly if we are not prepared," OPP Insp. Michael Maville is quoted as saying in the release. "Taking a few minutes to prepare can possibly save your life."

The OPP reminds all outdoor enthusiasts when taking any kind of short or long excursion to seriously consider the following:

- Advise someone the "exact location" of the excursion.

- Advise them of the duration of the excursion, even if it's only for the morning or afternoon.

- If possible, consult with local agencies to get recent information about the area.

- Have some sort of communication device with them at all times.

- Test your communication device as you travel to ensure it is working properly.

- Update your contact of your location and progress. (Knowing your location can save precious minutes during a rescue)

- Have a survival kit with you. A few examples might include things like flares, appropriate clothing, matches/lighter, saw, knife, food, map, compass, first aid kit, communication device, tarp for shelter, flash light.

- Have prescription medication with you for any pre-existing medical condition.

- Make sure to bring: water, sunscreen and bug repellent.

The public is also reminded that with COVID-19 restrictions, only self-guided activities such as walking, hiking, biking, boating, paddling and fishing are permitted within provincial parks.