SUDBURY -- A Sudbury-based animal rescue group says despite multiple setbacks last year, it’s moving forward with the major renovation at its new location in Lively.

Pet Save Retail Thrift Shop & Collectibles, located on Notre Dame Avenue, welcomed 2021 with its alarm going off in the middle of the night on Jan. 3 after someone smashed a window.

“This is going to be another added expense to an already expensive year with the pandemic,” said Jill Pessot, director of Pet Save Sudbury. “So, it’s a little disheartening because our store is closed as part of the lockdown we’re closed for two weeks. We are hopeful we are going to open on Saturday.”

Pessot said even though the year started with a financial setback, big things are happening for the organization, including a complete renovation of the former Wild at Heart building that Pet Save took over last year.

“Our new building, when it’s complete, will be a top of the line facility for animals," she said. "What we struggle with now in our current facilities is both the age of the building and proper ventilation in the building for the animals, especially when we get injured or sick animals in it’s very hard to contain that.

“In the new building, we’ll have varied isolation areas so it’s going to be a safer, a healthier place for animals to live -- and a lot more space.”

The cost of the renovations is roughly $500,000 and Pet Save is hoping to start fundraising efforts next month.

“For us to convert it to a building that will meet our needs with domestic animals, we’re looking at a massive reconstruction," Pessot said. "Every level has to be reconstructed.”

She knows the project is going to take longer than expected, but is hoping construction will be complete by the end of the year.