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Paramedic wins Timmins hospital 50-50 with last-minute ticket purchase

A last-minute decision to purchase tickets for Timmins and District Hospital Foundation's 50-50 draw for May turned out to be lucky for a northern Ontario paramedic.

Sylvie Verreault of Earlton bought $20 in tickets 90 minutes before the deadline on Thursday and won the $137,690 jackpot.

Sylvie Verreault, a paramedic from Earlton, and her family won the May 50/50 cash lottery (Timmins and Area District Hospital Foundation)

"That’s the second winner in a row from the tri-towns who bought lucky tickets on the last night," the foundation said in a news release Monday.

After the draw on Friday morning, foundation staff had a hard time reaching her to tell her the good news.

"We called five times, left a voicemail and sent an email," the foundation said.

"Shortly after 1 p.m., she returned our call and we were able to share the fantastic news."

Both Verreault and her husband are paramedics giving them "a unique perspective on all that hospitals do and the importance of raising money in order for the hospital to continue to provide the highest standard of care to patients."

When asked what she would do with the money, she said she is going to buy a vehicle.

Tickets for the June draw are already available and proceeds will go to support the operating room.


The deadlines to purchase tickets for the Sault and Sudbury hospital 50-50s are May 31.

The Health Sciences North jackpot is more than $545,395 and the Sault Area Hospital jackpot is more than $67,000.

In North Bay, the hospital's 50-50 draw takes place every two months, with the next draw happening June 30. The current jackpost is worth more than $52,000.

The SAH April jackpot winner was Dominic Nicoletta, who won $90,590. Top Stories

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