TIMMINS -- Love is in the air at Cedar Meadows Resort in Timmins.

Workers recently captured footage of Whooping Swans being released to an enclosed lake on the property after wintering in the barn. 


The video has garnered thousands of views and shares on social media as it shows how happy the birds are now that warmer weather has finally arrived.

"I knew it was going to be something really beautiful but I didn't expect it to be emotional," says Carole Robin, marketing and animal care worker at Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa.

The swans were housed in separate stalls for the winter, but Richard Lafleur, owner of Cedar Meadows Resort and Spa says they kept each other company during the long and lonely nights by whooping or communicating with each other. 

Now with the lake free-of-ice, they're free to roam and get to know each other better.

"They see the water, they see everything come together and say Iet's have some fun," suggests Lafleur with a chuckle. "Because it's six months inside a twelve by twelve pen. They get to eat every day; they get fresh water, but still, it's not like freedom."

The swans are named Bob and Carole Ann after a local photographer and his wife who are regular visitors to the park.