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Outdoor patio return to downtown Sudbury amid the hot weather

It's a sure sign of summer, the tourists will soon return and with it, Sudbury's patios will be full.

Outdoor patio at La Fromagerie on Elgin Street in downtown Sudbury. June 2/23 (Ian Campbell/CTV Northern Ontario)

Whether it's rest, relaxation or fun in the sun, the servers at Sudbury's downtown bars and restaurants said they have you covered.

"It's huge (patio season). I feel like it's the biggest, the biggest thing of the year honestly and every time we get our patio out it's like the most exciting weekend and we're really excited for all the music and all the fun drinks," said Shannon Francisco-Fee, of La Fromagerie on Elgin Street.

With fun drinks sporting names like Burrata Bomb or a Triple Fish Bowl, it promises to at least help you beat the 30-degree C heat.

"We're going for basically like an oasis vibe and we try to outdo ourselves every year," said Francisco-Fee, who recommends her favourite their Peach Mojito.

The patrons were already flocking to their favourite spot by mid-Friday afternoon.

"If you can just sit out, where it's nice and warm, watch people walk by, drive by and you know enjoy the warm weather and the great food, it's very enjoyable. It's a lot of fun," said Cynthia Jollineau outside La Fromagerie.

Restaurateurs and bar owners are hoping other people think so too as this is shaping up to be one of the first full seasons they've had in years without restrictions.

Several owners CTV News spoke to Friday said it's nice to see the new faces.

"I hear from my staff that it's somebody who hasn't been downtown in a long time or someone told them about this place and they never heard about it or I get a lot of people walking by who say 'I haven't been downtown in years' when they are coming down because there are special events and things for them to see," said Stephanie Piche of Wander Food and Wine.

Bar owner and Downtown Sudbury BIA managing director Kyle Marcus said it's shaping up to be a good year.

"We are actually leading the province in terms of how we set up our patios, allowing the in-lane of traffic, allowing in parking spaces and we're super grateful to the powers that be that allow us to do that," Marcus said.

This year, the BIA is pushing 17 patios and Marcus said there is one for everyone, morning, noon or night.

There will be other promotions, including a 'Happy Hour' as well, as they look to welcome people back into the downtown core. Top Stories


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