SUDBURY -- In the past few months, the Ontario Provincial Police have made several rescues in remote areas, on the water and in dense bush in the region.

In some cases, campers in trouble could not call for help because of weak cellphone signals -- or no signal at all.

The OPP says people need to consider safety before heading to remote areas.

"We all enjoy the great outdoors and even the simplest trips can be deadly, if you are not prepared," said OPP Constable Michelle Coulombe.

Police said researching the area before heading out can make a big difference.

"If you are going to be going into an area, like hiking for example, you don't know the area, research it, look into it," Coulombe said. "A lot of places will tell you what kind of terrain it is, if it's for beginners, intermediate or advanced hikers."

She said devices such as a satellite personal locator beacon are a wise investment to enhance outdoor safety. Owners must register before using it.

"It works off the satellite system, so you do not have to have cell service or anything for it to work," Coulombe said. "And it will work for 24 hours -- a minimum of 24 hours -- and every 60 seconds it sends a signal."

The OPP say it's also vital to leave information with a trusted person about your departure location, route, destination and expected time of return in case something goes wrong.