NORTH BAY -- The Ontario Provincial Police say they have seen a 99 per cent increase in crimes reported online since re-launching a portal where victims and witnesses of crime can go to report incidents.

In the past, those looking to report a crime online were only able to do so if the value of the crime was under $5,000. Now police say any crime can be reported online.

“It’s going to be difficult to count the number of crimes that didn’t occur,” said Carlo Berardi, with the Ontario Provincial Police. “But what I can tell you is that with online reporting, our officers are able to focus on proactive crime prevention strategies and keeping our communities safe.”

Since launching the new portal in January, police say they have seen a substantial increase in the number of reports coming in.

“People are becoming comfortable in online reporting it is new and coming through,” said Berardi. "The whole COVID-19 situation has certainly perpetuated the use of other technologies.”

To report a theft, property or vehicle damage, theft from your vehicle, lost or stolen property, stolen license plates or even driving complaints, click here, choose your location and start the report.