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Ontario launches programs to support Indigenous economic development


The provincial government has announced applications are open for programs that support economic development for Indigenous people, organizations and communities.

The Indigenous Economic Development Fund and the Indigenous Community Capital Grants Program combined have more than $9 million available.

“We’re garnering a lot of support from Indigenous businesses to be involved in supply chains, in mining, in forestry, in electric vehicle battery storage, the energy sectors more broadly as we see here in Timmins," said Greg Rickford, Ontario's minister of Indigenous Affairs.

“And so we don’t think that any of this can happen without them, frankly.”

Timmins councillor Cory Robin said the population segment that has the most growth in the city is the Indigenous population and jobs are needed.

The way to increase them, Robin said, is to expand the Indigenous economic footprint.

He said he has seen these funding streams used in a variety of ways in the past.

“I’ve seen it used to purchase other companies, I’ve seen it used to expand a trucking fleet for example or to buy new heads for your forestry equipment,” Robin said.

“I’ve seen it used to establish offices and, you know, promote services and things like that. Even a tech firm could use it.”

Robin added there are more Indigenous companies today than there were 10 years ago.

Applications for the two funding sources are open until early March. Top Stories

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