SUDBURY -- Dozens of companies across the north that supply products and services to the mining industry are getting significant funding from the provincial government.

On Tuesday, Greg Rickford, Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines, announced investments made through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund that adds up to over $10.5 million.

"Promoting business expansion and the development of new technologies ensures a competitive and innovative mining sector in Ontario," said Rickford. "Together with our partners, we are bringing good jobs and investment to the province and sending a signal to the world that Ontario is open for business, including the north."

Officials say this funding will help create or retain over 180 jobs.

Government officials say the following projects will be 100% grant funded:

  • $500,000 for SHYFTinc in Sudbury. Half will go to create a computer simulation tool that helps mining clients understand their supply chain and identify areas for improvement and the other half to create inventory management software that helps mining clients improve their inventory system.
  • $200,000 for Drennan Consulting and Diamond Drilling to establish a diamond drilling business in Manitouwadge.
  • $184,000 for Thunder Bay Off-Site Innovations Corp. to open a modular building and buildings component manufacturing facility in Thunder Bay.
  • $37,450 for Ionic Engineering in Lively to develop an electronic safety device that controls and isolates sources of energy from hazardous equipment.

The following projects will receive 40 per cent grant and 60 per cent loan from the government:

  • $673,000 for Red Pocket Fertilizer to build a fertilizer granulation facility at the former Hedman Plant in Matheson.
  • $309,517 for ITEC 2000 Equipment Inc. in Rosslyn to expand operations by purchasing new equipment and building a warehouse.

This project will receive 30 per cent grant and 70 per cent loan from the government:

  • $1 million for Coloured Aggregates Inc. in Warren to increase production by purchasing new and upgrading existing equipment.

Here is the remaining businesses benefitting from the announcement, but not grant/loan breakdown was provided by the government:

  • $1 million for Carriere Industrial Supply Ltd. in Lively to expand operations by renovating a newly purchased facility and buying new equipment.
  • $1 million for M & G Fencing Inc. in Azilda to expand operations by constructing a new building and purchasing new equipment.
  • $1 million for Rocvent Inc. in Sudbury to expand operations by renovating a newly purchased facility.
  • $665,000 for Murray OK Tire in Val Rita-Harty, near Kapuskasing, to expand operations by renovating a newly purchased facility.
  • $500,000 for Bio-Mine Ltd. in Sudbury to bring to market bio-technology that makes it possible to recover or remediate heavy metals from toxic tailings, and to build a simulation lab to process tailings.
  • $422,224 for EPC Canada in Dane to develop a safer, more efficient large capacity underground loading unit (LCUL unit), which is used to load explosives.
  • $400,000 for B & G Industrial Services Ltd. in Thorneloe, north of Temiskaming Shores, to expand operations by building an extension to its existing facility.
  • $400,000 for Lopes Ltd. in Coniston to expand operations by building a new facility and purchasing new equipment.
  • $367,234 for City Welding Sudbury (2015) Limited in Sudbury to increase production by purchasing precision machinery and an information management technology (IMT) system.
  • $318,000 for YME Welding Enterprise Inc. in Thunder Bay to expand operations by building a new facility and purchasing new equipment.
  • $250,000 for BESTECH in Sudbury to develop a system that fully automates the supply chain management process for underground and open-pit mining operations.
  • $250,000 for Jannatec Technologies in Sudbury to develop an integrated system of sensors and communications components designed for miners' personal protection equipment.
  • $247,774 for Marcotte Mining Machinery Services Inc. in Sudbury to design a safer, more environmentally friendly mobile carrier in both diesel and electric configuration.
  • $150,000 for TesMan Inc. in Sudbury to carry out a pilot demonstration and commercialization of the company's remote loading arm technology.
  • $147,729 for Custom Hydraulics Ltd. in Thunder Bay to expand operations by building an extension to its existing facility and purchasing new equipment.
  • $110,282 for Kovatera in Lively to increase production by upgrading its inventory management system.
  • $105,000 for Key Logic Inc. in Sudbury to develop and bring to market a software platform for augmented reality applications in underground mining.
  • $98,435 for Unmanned Aerial Services Inc. to operate a drone aerial inspection services business in Sudbury.
  • $80,000 for Grant Aggregate & Industrial Supply Inc. in Sudbury to increase production by purchasing a plasma-cutting machine.
  • $54,940 Lakehead Ironworks in Rosslyn, near Thunder Bay. $36,000 will go toward expanding operations by building additional facility space and purchasing new equipment and $18,940 to expand its current facility to accommodate a dedicated paint area for fabricated metal.
  • $51,509 for Northern Metal Works and Fabrication Inc. in Sudbury to increase production by upgrading its waterjet cutter.

Sudbury-based mining technology developer SHYFTinc will also receive an additional $900,000 from the province so the company can develop an innovative inventory management system that will make freight delivery to open-pit and underground mines safer and more efficient.

Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, made the announcement Tuesday at the Prospector & Developers Annual Conference in downtown Toronto.

"Our government has a plan to create a more competitive landscape where businesses and job-creators can flourish," said Fedeli. "This new partnership with SHYFTinc is a great example of the role government can play to create new opportunities for investment and economic development in northern Ontario."

The new technology will create a streamlined delivery system on an industrial level that will track, deliver, and manage material movement in real-time, and seamlessly link to mine planning and inventory controls.

The money from the province will also impact additional partners, including Cementation Canada, BESTECH and NORCAT.

"We are proud to support job creators and innovators in Ontario's mining sector," said Minister Rickford. "Today's announcement with SHYFTinc is another example of how our government is investing in the technology of tomorrow that positions Ontario as a global leader in mineral exploration and production."