The Government of Ontario has unveiled the name and logo for the store that will sell marijuana once it is legal in Canada.

It's been called overly-simplistic and uncreative by some, especially considering what it cost to create the log and branding.

We asked people around Sudbury what they thought of the logo for the Ontario Cannabis Store, and many were less than impressed.

"That's it? Okay, they could, like, buy me groceries and I'll do something better than that." said Andrew Gendron.

"Considering all of the resources they have… pretty disappointing." said Zoe Beyore.

"It's really simple. It’s not really imaginative I don't know. The whole thing is the logo like not just the circle and the OCS. Okay that's honestly kind of stupid. I mean I don't know I feel like they could have done something more." said Garrett Carr.

However, one marketing expert doesn't agree.

"They had a lot of challenges when they developed the logo they have to balance a good corporate brand with not being too overly exciting to get youth smoking marijuana. So there trying to balance those needs and I think they did a reasonable job getting between those." said Jeff MacIntyre of Fuel Media.

Overall, the LCBO expects that the total cost to taxpayers for all the branding and marketing created for the Ontario Cannabis Store will be approximately 650-thousand dollars, but MacIntyre says there’s more to the picture than just the logo.

"So there's a whole big pile that has to go behind that branding from the look of the stores to the design of the stores to what the shelves look like to what price tags look like and then on top of that six hundred and fifty thousand goes towards the marketing.

So were only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what that six hundred and fifty thousand is for." said MacIntyre.

Ottawa had hoped to have cannabis legalized by July 1st, but now admits that various delays will put it back several months, possibly to the end of the year.

This means that it will still be a while before you'll be able to walk into an OCS to buy pot legally.