SUDBURY -- After not defending the original lawsuit, the Province of Ontario is appealing a $2.1 million settlement awarded to Sudbury widow Faye Campeau earlier this year.

Campeau's husband, Ray, died May 25, 2006, at Podolsky Mine. A mechanic, he was working 2,000 feet underground when a winch he was trying to repair exploded, sending metal fragments flying at high speed. Campeau's legs were badly damaged and he died 90 minutes later. He was 47.

Faye Campeau sued the province in 2018, arguing the Ministry of Labour inspector had identified the winch as a significant safety hazard, issued orders that the problems be rectified, but failed to follow through.

Despite several attempts by the courts and Campeau's legal representatives, the province failed to respond to the lawsuit. The judge in the lawsuit ruled the province failed not in making an order to remedy the safety hazard, but in failing to ensure that order was implemented.

In a court hearing scheduled for late June, the province will seek not only to have the decision set aside, but to convince the judge hearing the case to keep their reasons secret.

Campeau's lawyer, Stephen Moreau, said Thursday he couldn't comment on the case because it is before the courts.