One of the top players on the OHL's North Bay Battalion, is Justin Brazeau from New Liskeard. He is leading North Bay in scoring this season, and is turning heads across the league with his skills. His hometown fans are proud of him.

The local arena in New Liskeard has pictures hanging on the walls as they document the road Justin Brazeau has taken.

It began as a kid in Temsikaming Shores minor hockey and now he's a marquee player for the North Bay Battalion in the OHL.

This opportunity presented itself through a connection between his current, and former coach.

Dan McDonald, Justin Brazeau's former coach, used to play for Stan Butler.

"He was going to get here either way but he got a little boost. I guess from my relationship with Stan, having played for him, but he's making the most of it and I’m happy to see him succeed." said McDonald.

Justin Brazeau, North Bay Battalion forward is grateful for the connection his former coach had with Stan.

"I never probably would have even had the chance to try out for North Bay without him, so I’m very thankful for him." said Brazeau.

Local sportscaster Jack Morin says there are many in the community who follow the progress of their former New Liskeard cub star.

"We talk at the rink at the cubs games and we talk about him all the time and what a great start he's having, remembering what he's done here and how much he's grown. What is he 6'5" now? I remember seeing him for the first time after he left here and thinking you mustn't have grown four or five inches!" said Morin.

Stan Butler, North Bay Battalion Coach, is satisfied with his new player.

"You could tell he was athletic, very coachable and I hate to use the word potential but you could tell that if he grew in to his body and worked hard he had potential to be a good player." said Butler.

"New Liskeard is proud of Justin for sure you know he grew up playing minor hockey in town and it's a nice success story to see him playing in the OHL." said McDonald.

"When I go home, some of the younger guy’s practices I go on and help with and they enjoy it so it's always nice." said Brazeau.

The ultimate goal for Brazeau is to play in the national hockey league, but for now he is focusing on continuing to build his legacy in North Bay, and also to inspire a new generation of hockey players from his home town.