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Officials report seven active forest fires in the northeast region

There are six new forest fires confirmed in the northeast region, Ontario’s Aviation, Forest Fires and Emergency Services reported Saturday evening, bringing the active number of fires in the region to seven.

Three of the new fires are not under control. Parry Sound 4, one of the fires not under control, measures 0.4 hectares. The fire is located 12 kilometres west of Highway 400, on the east shoreline of Georgian Bay, just north of Lake St. Patrick.

Two other fires not under control near White River prompted the closure of part of Highway 17.

“(Fire) on Highway 17 – both directions at White River E LTS, White River,” said the Ministry of Transportation in an Ontario 511 tweet shortly after 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

“All lanes closed.”

Wawa 2 measuring 120 hectares Sunday morning is located south of Highway 16, just south of Crocker’s Lake and Wawa 3 measuring approximately 500 hectares as of Sunday is along Highway 16 south of Kakakiwibik Esker.

Two fires that are now under control are Sudbury 3, measuring 0.5 hectares, located 3 kilometres west of Highway 96 about 500 metres south of Nelson Lake Road and Hearst 2, measuring 0.4 hectares, located about 20 kilometres north of Hearst on Fontaine’s Island, situated in Lac Pivabiska.

North Bay 2, which started May 26, measures 4.5 hectares and is being held along with North Bay 3. North Bay 3, which started Saturday, measures 0.7 hectares and is 6 kilometres north of Sturgeon Falls on the north shore of Lost Lake.

“There is a high to extreme hazard throughout Ontario,” officials said in their daily forest fire update.

“The fire hazard is mostly high to extreme across the Northwest Region, with a low to moderate hazard in the far north.”

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