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Off-price retailer throws surprise party for long-time customer

A northern Ontario woman got the surprise of a lifetime from the staff of her favourite store.

June Graham thought she was just attending the grand opening for the new Winners location in the Sault Ste. Marie. However, the staff decided to use the occasion to celebrate one of their best-known shoppers' 95th birthday.

Graham has been a regular at store since the retailer opened its Cambrian Mall location.

While she was looking forward to the grand opening of the new outlet on Northern Avenue, she was not expecting to be the centre of attention.

"Such a surprise, the biggest surprise of my life," said Graham.

"It was just so wonderful to see all of these beautiful women and men and to know that I had so many friends, it was just outstanding."

The new Winners location carries some historical significance for Graham.

"My maiden name was Huckson, and this is called 'Huckson's Corner,'" Graham to CTV News.

"This is where my grandfather had a beautiful home and orchard and pine trees. So, it has so much memories for me."

The Huckson family sold the property in 1963 and it has hosted various retailers since. Top Stories

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