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Northwestern Ont. man jailed at least 15 years for murdering his brother

A northern Ontario man who stabbed his much younger stepbrother to death must serve at least 15 years in prison, a judge has ruled.

Jessie Allen, 40, was found guilty in May of this year in the death of Wayne Allen, who was 18. He was killed by two stab wounds to the chest in Manitouwadge in January of 2021.

Only two people were present at the time of the attack, including Glenn Allen, the father of both Jessie and Wayne, and Axton Tourout, a friend of Jessie’s.

“Tourout testified that Jessie got up from a table where he was seated and walked into the living room where Wayne was seated,” the decision from the Superior Court of Justice said.

“He heard no conversation between Wayne and Jessie but saw Jessie overtop of Wayne, before Jessie struck Wayne.”

Their father, Glenn, testified that he saw Jessie suddenly jump out of his chair.

Then he “stood over Wayne and stabbed Wayne twice overhand with both hands on the knife,” the decision said.

“Other witnesses testified about Jessie Allen’s behaviour immediately after the stabbing while police and EMS were present. There was some evidence of drug use. Jessie Allen did not testify.”

A pre-sentence report said Jessie had mostly positive family relations and that he was close to Wayne.

“He was 20 years old when the victim was born and he took an active role in his younger brother’s upbringing,” the court decision said.

“Mr. Allen recalled times he spent with his brother babysitting him, taking trips and hunting and golfing together. He affirmed that he loved his younger brother, had no ill will towards him, and expressed deep remorse and full accountability for his actions. He has expressed self-loathing and guilt and understands the magnitude of harm his actions have caused.”

But the pre-sentence report said he had a difficult history with his father.

“He described his relationship with his father as emotionally, mentally and verbally abusive,” the court decision said.

While in their father’s care, he was exposed to his alcohol use, drug use and parties, which played a role in Allen’s lifelong struggle with drug addiction.

“He first experimented with alcohol at the age of nine while in his father’s care and struggled with cocaine and cannabis in his adulthood,” the report said.


“Sources also indicated that Mr. Allen struggled with anger and intimidation towards his partners, depression, hopelessness and suicidal ideations.”

He also had a criminal record beginning with drug and mischief charges in 2003 in Alberta. Charges through the years include impaired driving, criminal harassment and impaired driving.

At the trial, he delivered a lengthy statement apologizing to his and Wayne’s family, and Wayne’s family gave emotional victim impact statements.

The Crown argued Jessie Allen should serve 18 years in prison before being eligible for parole, while the defence argued for 15 years. At trial, six of the jurors recommended 10 years, two said 15 years, one said 11 years, one said 20 years, while two made no recommendation.

The judge chose 15 years, issued a lifetime weapons ban and prohibited Jessie from contacting the victim’s family, including his father.

Read the full decision here. Top Stories

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