After a stern directive from the province’s Premier, the largest school board in northeastern Ontario says it will follow an order from the Ministry of Education to teach an older version of the sex-ed curriculum this year, but says it will fill in some of the gaps.

Norm Blaseg is the Director of Education for the Rainbow District School Board.

"We have our governance 11 and 12 that speaks to equity and inclusiveness and safe schools. Many of the components that were removed, that are not cited in the 2010 edition, are actually, they speak to it in the inclusive education piece in our governance 11, and of course in the safe schools. I'm quite comfortable that we can get most of the material that was taken out, that was scaled back, we can probably cover it in other areas. Maybe not to the extent, but I think we'll be comfortable knowing that our students will still be informed." said Blaseg.

The 2014 sex-ed curriculum is missing several key components including cyberbullying, sexting, gender identity, and consent.

The move by the province to drop the Liberal curriculum has received widespread criticism from teachers and sexual health experts.