SUDBURY -- On Monday, the North Shore Health Network announced the launch of the COVID-19 Community Outreach Service, under the umbrella of the Community Support Services.

The aim of the service is to connect with people impacted by COVID-19 who are living at risk of decline – physically, mentally, or socially -- and help them stay at home, out of hospital, supported and healthy, the network said in a news release.

"Staying home is the safest place you can be during COVID-19," the group said. "We can help."

The outreach service includes a team of experienced health-care providers who will connect with clients through telephone conversations to talk about:

  • Coping
  • Health conditions
  • Help with grocery, prescription or meal deliveries
  • Social distancing challenges
  • Living situation

"We will work with the client to determine the supports and/or services needed to help improve their overall health and living situation," the release said. "Follow-up calls will confirm that clients are receiving the supports needed to remain stable at home."

Anyone living in the NSHN catchment area –Echo Bay to Spanish, including St. Joseph Island—who would benefit from the service is eligible. People who have been recently discharged from hospital are encouraged to connect with the service.

Referrals may be made through care coordinators with home and community care, discharge planning team members, organizations or clinics who feel the service would benefit their patients, as well as self or family referrals.

For more information, call 705-356-2265, ext. 2657.

The initiative is a special project that has received short-term funding to help determine proof of concept in rural areas.