Fitzroy Williams from Kingston, Jamaica is visiting Timmins for the first time, but he arrived having many friends in the area already.

Williams is a bus driver in Jamaica and has worked with students and staff at Thériault Catholic High School during their humanitarian trips to the region.

“He keeps us safe all these years,” says Guy Chenier, a teacher at the high school. “He has a joy of life.  He gives back so much. He’s not just a bus driver, he helps. He actually takes a pay cut when he’s over there as a bus driver so we can give more to the community that he lives in and he’s loved by everyone over there. He just touches everyone’s hearts.”

For Williams, the trip is his first time leaving his country and he’s thrilled to be visiting one that he has learned so much about over the years working with the students and staff.

“Being around these guys for so long and they decided to give me a trip to see their country and the pleasure is all mine.”

The cost of Williams’ trip was covered by multiple fundraisers the school has run. Williams, who is currently in cancer remission, says he’s excited to be visiting people that he has come to care about so deeply.

“These guys are hardworking people and they’re very caring. Whenever they come to Jamaica they expect to see progress and a lot of persons in Jamaica need a hand and they’ve touched me so much that’s whenever they come I don’t just drive, I also chip in.”

For many of the students, these mission trips were their first major trips away from family. They say Williams helped make it a less daunting experience.

“It was pretty scary for a lot of us because we had never been out of the country and we were all without our parents,” says Rissa Marin. “It was just a big group of young people right from sixteen to eighteen years old so it was really amazing; he made a special bond with every individual person like it was just really cool.”

While in the area Williams has set himself up a busy schedule. He plans to go fishing and visit the local gold mine. He also plans to give back while he’s here, serving up meals at Project Love.