It’s an annual event in Timmins that is sure to draw a large crowd every year. Timmins Police hosted their yearly Police Auction Block Saturday.

The event, held at police headquarters on Spruce Street, sees bicycles, along with other items, that have not been claimed over the past year auctioned off to lucky bidders. Police say some could have been involved in a crime and left behind.

“We try to give every advantage for people to come and check and make sure that you know if your bike is here please come and pick it up because we’d really like for them to get their bikes,” says Constable Rick Lemieux, one of the auctioneers. “We always keep them for at least a year before we put them in the auction.”

This year the auction featured sixty bikes, which all found new homes. Other items people could choose from included jewelry, tools and electronics.

“I mean we saw a bike for one dollar, five dollars at some points,” says Lauren Polk, who attended for the second year in a row. “So whenever you can get a three-hundred dollar bike for one twenty, you’re doing pretty good.” 

Prior to the auction, everyone was provided an opportunity to preview all of the items available. Anyone noticing their lost item could have it returned to them if they were able to provide proof.

Some noticed a significant difference from the retail price.

“It’s a good quality bike; it doesn’t have brakes but I can tinker with it and make it like new in no time,” says Jeff Blaquier, who purchased a bike for his son. “It’s worth a lot more than one hundred and fifty dollars anyway so I didn’t have a problem spending one hundred and fifty bucks on it.” 

The auction typically brings in up to $5000 .All funds are added back to the Timmins Police Services general operating account.