Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services
Northeast Fire Region
July 28, 2019
Time of Report – 17:20

Northeast Region

  • There was one new wildland fire discovered at the time of this report.
    • Peterborough 1 is not under control at 10 hectares and is located west of Mellon Lake.
  • At the time of this update, there are eleven other active wildland fires in the region.
    • Parry Sound 12 is under control at 0.5 of a hectare and is located west of Dollars Lake.
    • Sudbury 22 is under control at 0.9 of a hectare. This fire is located north of Pine Lake
    • Sudbury 19 is not under control at 0.2 of a hectare and is located west of Spanish River Provincial Park.
    • Sudbury 18 is under control at 3.5 hectares. This fire is located west of Sinaminda Lake.
    • Sudbury 20 is under control at 1.4 hectares and is located further west of Sinaminda Lake.
    • Sault Ste. Marie 8 is under control at 0.3 of a hectare. This fire is located north of Peshu Lake.
    • North Bay 9 is under control at 1.8 hectares and is located west of Bain Lake.
    • Kirkland Lake 6 is under control at 6 hectares and is located north of Sesekinika lake.
    • North Bay 4 is being observed at 0.1 of a hectare. The fire is located on an island on Denedus Lake.
    • Cochrane 10 measures 74 hectares and is being observed, approximately 100km southeast of Moose Factory.
    • Timmins 2 is under control at 4,645 hectares.
  • The forest fire hazard ranges from low to extreme with the areas of most concern situated in the eastern section of the region.
  • For up to date forest fire hazard conditions in your area, see the interactive fire map at Ontario.ca/forestfires.

Help fight forest fires - stay clear of waterbombers

When waterbombers approach a body of water, move close to the shore so they can perform their scoop. A waterbomber will not scoop from a lake or river if encroaching watercraft pose a safety hazard.

More Information

For updates on highway closures, check Ontario511 or @OPPCommunicationsNER on Twitter, and Ontario Provincial Police-Northeast Region on Facebook.

For information about the current forest fire situation: 1-888-220-7242

For updates on the fire situation, visit ontario.ca/forestfire or follow us on Twitter @ONforestfires.

To report a forest fire located north of the French and Mattawa rivers, please dial 310-FIRE. To report a forest fire south of these rivers, dial 911.