SUDBURY -- A northern Ontario-based husband and wife musical duo are beginning to host concerts, right from the comfort of their living room.

Aptly known as Sabrina and Dave, the married musicians from Matheson have taken to Facebook to live-stream concerts while many throughout the northeast continue to practice physical distancing and self-isolation.

"It’s so important because every time you stay home and you follow the social distancing, that helps flatten the curve,” said Dave. “The sooner we can do that, basically the sooner we can all get out of this safe."

With a passion for a variety of genres, specializing in country, Sabrina said during the live-streams, they have even started taking requests from those tuning in.

"We like to play original songs. We both grew up on a lot of classic rock as well. So, we like to do a little bit of everything for the folks at home and we’ve been even having people sending in requests and we’ve been learning new songs for our shows," said Sabrina.

With thousands of hits, the couple says they have so far been overwhelmed by the success and support from people throughout the northeast.

"It’s been very good reactions," said Dave.

"People feel like they’re a part of the live-stream. They feel like they’re right there with us, and if we can make their day by learning their favourite song, that’s just great and makes things a little bit lighter with everything going on."

The concerts serve as much needed down-time for the couple.

Dave works in the X-Ray department of a local hospital while Sabrina teaches music at a local elementary school. With parents everywhere stressed on keeping their kids engaged and on track academically, she says it's important to spend quality time as a family.

"Try to find positive things to do as a family in the comfort of your own home, whether that’s through things like the arts, which is what we’ve been doing. Or maybe that’s exercising or cooking or reading together. I think we need to click pause and have that special time together as a family," said Sabrina.