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Northern Ont. teenagers spend summer filling bags for those in need


Sisters Olivia, Emma and Chloe Scriven have spent the first month of their summer packaging and preparing bags full of essential items for the homeless in North Bay.

“We took the bags and started filling them,” said Chloe.

“We put dental bags, which included tooth brushed a razor, floss. There’s a water bottle, a tarp, a hat, toilet paper, conditioner, shampoo, (and) body soaps.”

The girls mother works at The Gathering Place, so each day this summer they have joined their mom at work.

“I enjoy doing this because I’m doing something for somebody else, not just for my self like going to the beach,” said Chloe.

“It really makes me happy seeing other people get things that they might not have before, things that they might not be able to afford. It brings me a lot of joy.”

Staff at The Gathering Place told CTV News demand is increasing for their services and said the bags will go a long way.

“They’ve done a fantastic job, our clients are going to be super, super happy with what they receive,” said staff member Annabelle Lamarche.

“It’s really cool that they’ve taken the time to not only make these bags up, but actually hand them out as well.”

More than 120 bags are now being handed out to clients from the centre.

For more information on North Bay's Gathering Place and the services offered there, visit their Facebook page. Top Stories

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