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Northern Ont. man goes from knight to TV game show winner


Tré Shields, originally from Iroquois Falls, left northern Ontario 10 years ago to pursue his acting dreams down south.

Shields, 27, is currently head knight at Medieval Times in Toronto.

“As the head knight, I’m responsible for training the future knights and the current knights in the show,” said Shields.

“I’m training them on the fights in the show and the jousting, all the choreography ... I work with the horse trainer, the horses and the fighting. Then I’m also in the show.”

On top of his head knight position, Shields also recently starred on a CTV show called ‘Battle of the Generations.’

“I grew up watching game shows all the time, so game shows to me was not necessarily a dream to be on, because I never thought of that as a possibility,” he said.

“But, when the opportunity came up, I was like I gotta go for this.”

He came out on top, winning $25,000. Now, he’s hoping the show will lead to more opportunities.

“My dream is to be an actor and more importantly I want to do more film, TV work,” Shields said.

“I love Medieval Times, I love doing what I do. I would love to share all that knowledge I have, the training, horse riding. Use all those things and put it on the big screen.”

Shields said he loves northern Ontario and spending time at home, but knew he needed to get to a large urban centre to expand his craft.

“I was 12, and I watched a show, and I knew I was going to be a knight one day,” he said.

“After I graduated college, did some commercial work did some musicals and the Medieval Times application showed up on my Facebook, and I was like this is the time to check it out.” Top Stories

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