A Sudbury man is close to living out a childhood dream.

Mathieu Seguin was selected from hundreds of applicants around the world to study cinematography at the American Film Institute, but he needs some help to get there.

It's a garage sale with a different kind of purpose, and everything must go.

That's because all the money raised here will go towards getting helping Seguin fulfill his dream.

"You can think of it as the Harvard of film school," he said.

"Amongst hundreds of applicants that apply from all over the world, only 28 are accepted within their cinematography discipline, and out of that, I'm the only Canadian to be accepted."

Seguin has been accepted into a two year accelerated program, but the tuition is more than he can afford. It costs$155,000 to attend the school.

However, he said this is a once in a life time opportunity which is why he's risking it all to go, and the reason he's having the yard sale.

“If this was a poker game, I’d be all in,” he said.

“So, apart from selling everything I own in my house and every possible thing I could leverage money with, I’m putting all of my time into this.”

Seguin is still about $40,000 short and his time is running out, But with the support of the community, he said he's confident he'll make it there.

“I already have a place in L.A. In my head I’m already there. I'm just short a bit of money to pay off the tuition. So, I’m hoping by mid-July I will be able to leave here and have all my tuition secured and I’ll be in L.A. starting school in August.

Friends and family told CTV they couldn't be more proud watching seguin live out his childhood dream..

“I'm proud that my son is going to AFI in Los Angeles. We’re going to miss him, but it's a chance of a lifetime,” said Omer Seguin, Mathieu’s dad.

“It's unbelievable, for a little country boy, that his dreams when he was young, and here they are,” said Christina Seguin, Mathieu’s aunt

“He really needs the support and it's really something he wants to do, so I think it's great,” added Chloe Labelle, a supporter.

Once he graduates, Seguin said his hope is to become a feature filmmaker and to make Northern Ontario proud.

To help out Seguin, you can check out a fundraising page by clicking here.