SUDBURY – Northeastern Ontario's military history is the subject of a new book titled 'Untold'.

It is the second volume of the book, focusing on the Spanish Civil War, the Second World War and the Korean War amongst others.

The series is written by two retired Laurentian University Professors who wanted to shed a light on the history.

"Dieter and I wrote a book, an encyclopedia of northeastern Ontario that came out in 2011 and at that time, we discovered there wasn't much on northeastern Ontario's military history. There was lots of history but people hadn't written about it," said Graeme Mount, Professor Emeritus Laurentian University.

"The first part describes the wars and show how people from northeastern Ontario participated in every major conflict. The second part of both books uses diaries, letters, memoirs, service files, especially of the deceased to show the experiences of those people. The third part deals with commemoration and remembrance," explained Dieter Buse, Professor Emeritus Laurentian University.

Much of the research for the book came from relatives who shared diaries, letters and photographs with the authors.