NORTH BAY -- The Laurentian Ski Hill Snowboarding Club in North Bay is continuing construction on several areas of the local ski hill throughout the summer and fall to reduce snowmaking costs and improve skiable areas.

Despite being closed to the public during the off-season, the ski club is reminding the public to stay off the ski hill.

"The heavy equipment and construction on the hill create potentially hazardous conditions," said the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority in a statement.

The conservation authority said some people are still trying to enter the restricted area.

"We strongly encourage hikers, walkers, runners and cyclists to use the Laurentian Escarpment Trails that are maintained by the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority (NBMCA) and are free to use,” said Cam Graham, the ski hill's general manager.

The trailhead for the trails is located at 15 Janey Ave., with plenty of parking. It is easily located by the tower at the conservation authority’s interpretive centre, which houses the ski hill lodge on the main level.

The Laurentian Ski Hill Snowboarding Club is continuing to expand its newest run, as well as the Terrain Park and Slingshot.

Officials say completing these projects this summer will offer more skiable areas on the hill and will also greatly assist in snowmaking costs.