NORTH BAY -- Over the last three and a half years, a North Bay man with a passion for photography has captured the city’s sunsets, particularly over Lake Nipissing.

Keith Campbell, known to many as the city's "Sunset Man" goes out each evening to snap photos of the sun before it sets.

"Every day we have a phenomenal sunset and everyone can enjoy that," said Campbell.

With his trusty camera at his side, Campbell ventures out to different areas of the waterfront each and every evening for an hour to capture sunset snapshots. This is how his nickname the “Sunset Man” was born.

To Campbell, each photo is unique and tells a different story.

"When the sun is out, it’s incredible. You get the clouds and there’s the Manitou Islands out there. It’s a documentation," he explained.

Campbell was encouraged to print a book or calendar with his photos.

Instead, he donated between 300- 400 of his sunset photos to Tourism North Bay.

The agency is grateful to receive the pictures and plans to use them in some form of a marketing campaign to attract tourists to the area when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

"We haven’t gone through all of the photos yet," said Tourism North Bay’s Executive Director Steve Dreany.

"We haven’t specifically identified what we’re going to do with them. People pay thousands and thousands of dollars to experience what we have in our own backyard."

Campbell has travelled to several countries around the world: Italy, Hungary, Germany, England and Cuba just to name a few. But, he firmly believes North Bay’s sunsets are the most spectacular.

"No place compares to North Bay," he said confidentially.

"With the beautiful setting and atmosphere, The City of North Bay is fantastic."

Campbell posts his photos on Facebook page every night for people to enjoy. He says what brings him joy is knowing others see his photos.

He’s hoping new visitors will travel from other places when the pandemic is lifted and appreciate the evening view.

"We have sports, hunting and fishing here and a sunset," he said.

"We have everything here and the doctor ordered it. We have what the doctor ordered. Come to North Bay."

While there are still many evenings to look forward to, the "Sunset Man" plans to be there camera in hand - chasing the sun.