NORTH BAY -- By next week, North Bay city officials say Olmsted Beach should be completely upgraded.

Upgrades include a new playground, a wheelchair accessible beach mat, and paved pathways and parking lots.

“People will be able to wheel down on this wide path so you can be to wheelchairs side by side," said North Bay city councillor Johanne Brousseau.

"Either take the beach mat to get to the water or get to the playground or wheel towards the boat launch. They’ve added more benches, and tables and we have accessible washrooms.”

Brousseau said the upgrades are in an effort to make North Bay more accessible for everyone.

“We want to include all of our population,” she said. “At first you may think it’s just for somebody with a physical mobility issue, but we’re all going to get there. As we age, we want the city to be age friendly.”

The upgraded area is good news for members of the municipal accessible advisory committee. Barbara Smith, who sits on the committee and is also visually impaired, told CTV News the upgrades will allow for people with mobility limitations to get outdoors more often.

“If you’re a person living with a disability and you have a family now you can go to the park," Smith said.

"If you’re in a wheelchair, you can at least watch your children play in the water, you can watch your children sit at the picnic table with you and not have to be off in some other corner watching from a fair ... You’re an active participant in your community and in your family circle.”

Brousseau is confident many people will use the new area, with some people already expressing their excitement.

“I’ve had two citizens who told me they are quite excited and will be here right away they will be the first ones to wheel down that mat,” she said.

“They’ve never been able to swim in Trout Lake, so they will be here testing it out.”

City officials say the project will cost roughly $200,000 and should be complete by next week.