NORTH BAY -- A public memorial has been set-up for Noah Dugas to bring the community together during this time of grieving.

Pictures and candles are currently sit outside of Memorial Gardens.

There are two tables with messages and flowers and over a dozen bags filled with candles in his memory.

A public Facebook post was published Saturday inviting any families, groups, teams, or individuals to stop by and honour the young hockey player.

That post was made by Erin Breadmore (Erin Marie on Facebook).

Her son Cole, who was friends with Noah and attended school with him since kindergarten, wanted to find a way to honour and remember his friend.

"Noah was such an incredible kid and I actually do believe he was supposed to do great things," said Breadmore over the phone.

"He was really a special kid and the difficult part is that maybe he was supposed to do these incredible things, but not here with us."

A vigil took place on Saturday afternoon with other classmates, teachers, principals and family members.

"What an amazing kid Noah was," continued Breadmore.

"I can't actually state that enough and how much his friends miss him and will remember him and honour him. Noah is happy and is going to continue to do great things and these kids have a really amazing angel watching over them for the rest of their lives."

COVID-19 safety protocols are in place with masks required and sanitization available on site.

The Facebook post also asks people to call in advance to schedule a time slot in order to make sure the numbers stay within provincial guidelines.

The post states that “the memorial [will] remain there for however long it is needed.”

Those interested in attending can contact Erin Marie at 705-471-3746.