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North Bay Pride says this year’s parade will be a march instead


North Bay Pride typically hosts a pride parade locally, but this year, because of online and in-person hate, it’s going to be a march.

“We feel strongly that we need to go back to our grassroots that pride is a protest,” said Jason Maclennan, communications director for North Bay Pride.

“The clear message from us is that equity and inclusion is a human right and that you cannot deny that. Basic human rights should not be taken away.”

While the parade will look a bit different, Maclennan said those in the LGBTQ+ community will still be celebrating.

“Everybody is working on something that makes sense, that’s powerful and impactful,” Maclennan said.

“Our pride parade is a march, but we still have our picnic and concert to celebrate who we are. Local talent show, Friday is our trans march, we’re still celebrating some things because we have the right to celebrate who we are.” Top Stories

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