SUDBURY -- While Pride events in North Bay are set to look a lot different this year, the group is getting a boost from some major star power.

Gold and platinum record selling artist Bif Naked will be joining this year's virtual pride events in the gateway city, and says she couldn't be more excited.

"Ultimately I'm always flattered to be asked but more than anything else I want to be a good friend and celebrate," the musician told CTV News.

"I think that pride is a good celebration but it's really important now more than ever, especially in smaller communities, especially in rural communities, to support the LGBTQ2+ family that we have because life is isolating and during a pandemic it could be even worse."

Naked, whose known for classics such as 'Spaceman' and 'Daddy's Getting Married,' amongst many others, said that it's important for her to be an ally to the community, especially to its youngest members.

As part of the festivities, Naked will be participating in virtual chats and later singing live on the North Bay Pride Facebook page.

"We're going to be singing and sharing stories and hanging out and talking and answering questions and just being immersed in the whole day," Naked said.

"It's still really important because me lending my voice is something I feel I want to do because these are friends and family in my community as well and it's still a fight for freedom."

Opening for Naked will be Mackenzie Drive, who said in a press release that it's like a dream come true.

"Artists who are starting out struggle to get known and get on stage. North Bay Pride has given me an opportunity to grow as an artist and enjoy the wonderful community we have. To open for Bif Naked is truly an honour as she is an amazing artist and advocate for our community."

Like many artists, much of Naked's career has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She said that she and her family took the precautions to stay at home seriously, saying she has two senior citizens in her family whose health was top of mind. But, overall she said she's handled most of it okay.

"I call it my COVID curves," Naked said with a laugh, joking of the challenges of self-isolation.

"It's hard because I'm a hugger. That's the only thing, I'm a hugger and now we elbow bump."

Prior to the pandemic, Naked had already been working on her next album, Champion, which was and remains scheduled for a launch in the fall.

She put out a new single, JIM, on Valentine's Day.

"It's a song about triumph, about finding your victory in adversity," said Naked.

"I think that's the theme for a lot of us in this world anyways and it's definitely the theme behind this record."

Bif Naked is set to headline the virtual festivities on Sept. 19.