SUDBURY -- North Bay police were called to a recently acquired property on Aug.3 after the owner was cleaning a shed and found what they believed to be a rusty hand grenade.

The shed had not been entered for several years and upon arrival, the responding officer discovered what they believed to be a Mills Defensive style hand grenade.

The OPP Explosive Disposal Unit (EDU) was called in to assist after the officer was not able to determine if the ordnance was capable of functioning.

The EDU was able to safely remove the grenade without incident and police say it will be destroyed.

The investigation into its origin is on-going.

The North Bay Police Service (NBPS) is reminding the public that if you find what you believe to be an explosive or explosive device to vacate the area and call police.

NBPS also listed the following guidelines to follow should you discover an explosive or explosive device:

  • Like a firearm, do not bring explosives to a police location, let the police safely identify and collect the item from the source location;   
  • Call the police and provide a comprehensive description without touching anything;
  • Do not handle any old wartime mementos on your own. Let the professionals handle it;