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North Bay police arrest suspect in bizarre arson, assault case

A 34-year-old North Bay resident is facing several charges following a mini-crime spree this week involving arson, assault, theft and break and enter at two residences.

In a news release Wednesday, North Bay police said events began at 3 a.m. Jan. 18 when someone broke a window at a Fraser Street residence, causing significant damage.

"While in the residence, the accused is alleged to have consumed several items of food before leaving," police said.

"As a result of the damage to the exterior window, water pipes at the residence froze, resulting in significant damage to property."

Around 5:45 p.m. the same day, police said the accused knocked on the front door of a residence on Cassells Street.

"The accused accosted the victim (when they answered the door) and made threats to damage the residence," the news release said.

"The accused then poured a liquid accelerant on the front porch of the residence and lit the accelerant causing a fire. The victim was able to extinguish the fire and contacted police."

The suspect then returned to the Fraser Street residence. A witness called police, who arrested the accused at the residence. While in police custody, police said the suspect assaulted two police officers.

"The officers sustained minor physical injuries as a result," the release said.

The suspect is charged with numerous offences, including break and enter, theft, arson, uttering threats, violating probation, as well as assault of the police officers.

Police said the victims and accused in this incident are not known to one another.

The accused is in custody awaiting a bail hearing at the North Bay Courthouse. Top Stories

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