NORTH BAY -- Ontario Provincial Police in North Bay have laid over 220 charges during a week-long road safety blitz.

The blitz was part of "Canada Road Safety Week" which ran from May 12-18.

Police say the campaign is designed to increase public compliance with safe driving measures and target drivers that put other drivers, passengers and pedestrians at risk.

The main focus of the initiative is on impaired driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving and lack of seatbelt use. 

"The OPP would like to remind the public that traffic in our area increases during the summer months, so please practice safe driving habits," police said in a news release.

During this year's campaign, North Bay OPP laid over 200 charges including:

  • One Impaired by Alcohol charge
  • One Impaired by Drug charge
  • 212 Speeding charges
  • Three Stunt Driving charges
  • One Careless Driving charge
  • Two Warn Range Suspensions
  • Three Distracted Driving charges

Police say they will continue to monitor local streets and highways and enforce traffic laws as necessary.

Police add it's important to respect the rules of the road for everyone's safety.