NORTH BAY -- The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in the North Bay area say they have already charged nine drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol since the festive RIDE campaign began.

Four people were charged with impaired driving in the last week alone.

Police are asking people that should they celebrate over the holidays with a few drinks that they do so responsibly and find another way home instead of driving.

“Make a plan before you go out,” said OPP Const. Shona Camirand.

“There’s a taxi, there are buses or you could have a DD (designated driver). People need to find a way home that doesn’t involve impaired driving.”

Over 60 drivers have been charged under criminal impaired driving laws in the North Bay area since the beginning of the year.

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, police are reminding people that RIDE programs will be organized and that they will be out on snowmobile trails too.

“We get a lot of impaired drivers in the morning because first thing they do is drive and they are still impaired,” explained Camirand.

“We really want people, when they are out on the road, to please drive sober. We need everyone to get home safely.”

The RIDE program started Nov. 26 and ends Jan. 3.

Should you suspect someone is impaired while out on the road, police encourage you to dial 9-1-1.