NORTH BAY -- A North Bay magician is continuing to wow his audiences with card tricks and sleights of hand, even through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Farquhar was born to be a magician. He’s been shocking audiences with his tricks for the past 25 years.

Like many other performers, Farquhar has had to make adjustments to his routine during the pandemic, so he came up with an idea of preforming interactive shows for families at home virtually.

"Everybody just kind of feels stuck at home right now with not a whole lot to do," he said. "So, the idea for me to provide a magic show for people at home makes me really happy."

In addition, he said he’s been quite busy.

Recently, he has been a hit at birthday parties for children and their families all across Ontario. He has performed virtually for people in places like Burlington, Toronto and Orangeville.

"Magic isn’t the trick or the illusion or the routine," Farquhar said. "The magic is the feeling that you get. It’s that feeling that maybe you witnessed something that’s impossible."

Farquhar has performed his magic for children with disabilities at Community Living North Bay in the past and this week, he’s ready to pull a rabbit out of his hat for adults who use the programs and services there.

Lately, Community Living North Bay has been able to schedule more virtual interactive events for its clients. Staff said more interactive events are crucial to their time at the organization.

"Who doesn’t like magic? It was really exciting that he was willing join in," said Bonnie Pearce, Community Living North Bay’s director of community engagement. "It’s really going to provide some interaction for people to ask questions and have fun, just like they would be if they were in the building."

Farquhar said it’s extremely humbling knowing he performs for people with disabilities and that seeing their faces light up makes the tricks so much more entertaining.

"The magic tricks and routines I’ve gone with is magic anyone can help with," he said. "People can throw the magic at their screens or I can have them come up to the camera and pick a card for me."

Farquhar said his greatest passion through magic is seeing people's amazed faces when he performs his tricks.